Gelato Facts


  • Gelato is fresh Italian ice cream. It differs from traditional ice cream in ingredients, consistency and flavour. Milk based gelato contains one-third the fat when compared to ice cream and less sugar. The fruit based gelato, or sorbetto, has almost no fat at all, and no dairy ingredients.
  • In Italian, the word gelato is used for ice cream. In English, it is used to describe ice cream made in the Italian way.
  • When translated directly, the word gelato means ‘frozen’ or ‘to freeze.’
  • Gelato is made from milk, sugar and fruit. When you replace the milk with water, you create sorbet.
  • Traditionally, gelato is from northern Italy, and sorbet from the warmer southern Italy.
  • Gelato is different from ice cream in three main ways:
    1. Gelato has significantly less butterfat in it. However less butterfat does not mean less taste. It does mean that it melts faster in your mouth, and you can taste its full flavour immediately.
    2. Gelato has less air in it, resulting in a creamier taste.
    3. Gelato is kept at a slightly warmer temperature.
  • The plural for gelato is gelati. (One gelato, two gelati)