Strawberry Facts

Strawberry Health Benefits

  • Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. One cup of berries will give you 140% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake.
  • Strawberries can lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  • Eight strawberries contain 20% of the folic acid you should consume every day.
  • Combined with honey, strawberry juiced rubbed over the skin will help reduce inflammation and sunburn.
  • Strawberries are also almost completely fat free.

Strawberry Trivia

  • Strawberries are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside.
  • 94% of all US households eat strawberries.
  • Madam Tallien, a prominent French figure, was famous for her baths in strawberry juice. She did this to make her skin glow.
  • In Belgium, there is a museum just for strawberries.
  • More than 53% of all five-seven year olds said that strawberries were their favourite fruit.
  • The average strawberry will have as many as 200 seeds.
  • If all the strawberries produced in California this year were placed berry to berry, the line of strawberries would go around the world 15 times.
  • Native American Indians used to pound strawberries onto their bread, and when colonists tasted this, they decided to create their own version. This is now what we call strawberry shortcake.
  • It was Dr. William Butler who said that “Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did’.